One Thimble Issue 16 is here!

Those who know me, know I LOVE One Thimble Digital Sewing Magazine! I mean what is there not to love? Each issue is jam packed with articles, sewing advice, tips, patterns and more. So each quarter when a new issue comes out it's like Christmas, and I have to say, while I love them all, I certainly have my favourites and the latest one, Issue 16, is one of my faves! 

Grab your copy here!

Here's the low-down on Issue 16

Issue 16 contains the following PDF patterns/tutorials:

– High Tide Trousers (size nb-12)
– Triton Tank (size 1-12)
– Scuttle Shorts (size 3-12)
– Hally Dress (size 1-12)
– Miss Olivia Dress (Ladies sizes 6-20AU / 2-16US)
– Pearlie Dress (size 1-12)
– Makana Mermaid Skirt (size ranges 2-4, 5-7 and 8-10)
– Melody Mermaid Tail (size range 3-8)
– Mermaid Pocket Doll & Shell (handsewn)
– Murray is a Merman (free motion applique)
– Meg is a Mermaid (free motion applique)

AND the following articles & tutorials:

– Fabricadabra (fabrics & patterns for magical costumes)
– Project Kin
– How to Create a Custom Stamp
– How to make an Aquarian Felt Mask
– How to insert a Glue-in Purse Frame
– Understanding Cork Fabric
– Your guide to HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) & templates!
– Tulle skirt overlay Tulle-torial
– How to keep your cool when you are a small business owner
– Using a profitability worksheet (excel spreadsheet included)
– and much more (see contents pages on the listing)

So, lets take a look inside Issue 16! I have made a few of the patterns already as part of the promotions team and I know that a couple are going to be a staple for my daughters summer wardrobe! As you can see in this snapshot, out of the 11 patterns I have made 4 of them and I certainly have the others on my to do list!

My daughters favourite is the Makana Mermaid Skirt  because she loves anything princesses and at 3 years old LOVES to dress up! As a mum I love this one too because its an easy and quick sew with a gorgeous result. And there are so many possibilities, I have seen some gorgeous versions using different fabrics and even using this pattern to make a King Triton or shark costume!

And because every little mermaid needs a Shell Bikini Top I drafted my own pattern up and I think it just added that extra little touch! Stay tuned because a tutorial is coming soon for that one!! But for now lets take a look at the pics I took of this FUN Skirt!

Next, I have to share the Pearlie Dress because we love this dress/peplum top! I've already made 5 and have a few more cut because its so easy to sew and comfortable for my little one to wear! Definitely going to be a summer staple in her wardrobe! This pattern comes in dress or peplum length and has a great size range (1-12), with optional pocket for the bodice, cute little dolman style sleeves and a curved hem for added shape and fun! Here are some pics of the ones I have made so you can see just how sweet this is...

Another favourite, perfect for play, and UNISEX is the Scuttle Shorts! My daughters favourite thing about these shorts is the cute pockets. I have to say at first these shorts scared me a little because they looked a little complex BUT as with all Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns they are so well written and they were actually really fun and easy to make. I have several more cut but due to being ill I haven't been able to finish them! I know this will be a summer staple because they're our favourite shorts pattern. They have 2 different lengths and the options for plain or panelled options and have a great size range (3-12). I also loved the elastic in the waistband for a firmer fit! So many fun options with this is just one of the pairs I made...

And the last pattern I want to share with you is the Triton Tank. I will admit I struggled with this one a little. The pattern is a quick sew but you really need to use the right fabrics for this to have the best result. And you need to blend sizes for the right fit, which I have been guilty of not doing in the past! I love to turn a mens/women's shirt into outfits for my girl and so I grabbed a t-shirt with Bert and Ernie on the front and whipped one up. I'm happy with the result but I know it doesn't look quite as intended. So I was so glad to see the article "All about that drape" in this issue...Jen Kennedy explains why drape is so important and shows us a fun way to check a fabrics drape! I will definitely be making more now I know just what to look for in my fabric! Here is the one I made, as you can see its not a train wreck but it doesn't have that nice drape which it should...but my little one loves it so that's all that matters, right?!?

Okay, so that's all the ones I have made so far, but I have many more planned. I really want to tackle FMA (Free Motion Embroidery) for the first time because Meg is a Mermaid is tooo cute! And the Hally Dress is also on my list for a sweet dress that will be perfect for our Queensland summer! I might even make myself a Miss Olivia Dress

What are you going to sew first? What articles excite you the most? Let me know below! And don't forget to join the One Thimble Sewing Enthusiasts group on Facebook if you want to be inspired, ask questions or show off your creations!

As always, MUCH LOVE and Happy Creating

xx Mel xx


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