Moocuzzi Primrose Pinafore ~ Pattern Testing!

Let me introduce you to the FIRST Moocuzzi Pattern, the Primrose Pinafore! I had the pleasure of testing this super sweet dress/skirt and it has firmly become one of my favourite patterns! It is available in sizes 0-10 and you can find the pattern HERE! 

As I said, this pattern is now a firm favourite of mine! It just has that super sweet look about it, my daughter loves wearing it! With so many options you will never get bored...Fluttered pinafore, pinafore without flutters, pinafore with paper bag waist, skirt with flutter suspenders, skirt with paperbag waist, suspender skirt and plain skirt.

Now you know a little about Primrose, lets have a look at my version...I decided to make the fluttered Pinafore because we love a good princess dress in this house...


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Thank you so much for reading along! If you are a handmaiden, I hope I have inspired you to get creative and maybe you have learnt something new! If you are a customer please feel free to contact my business page if you would like to discuss placing a custom order ~ PrimaBelle Creations xx

Show me some love below, I would love to hear what you think! 

Much Love and Happy Creating

xx Mel xx


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